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Click here to download Washing Spunbond Cartridges Procedure.

  1. Remove the filter from the system and inspect for damage. DO NOT reuse damaged elements with bad gaskets, dented metal parts, torn media, etc.

  2. Using compressed air (100 psi maximum) blow the loose surface dust off the element, blowing from the inside/out to prevent forcing the dust into the media pores.

  3. Immerse the filter in warm (125 - 150°F) water and detergent solution. Use a low sudsing, mild-washing solution. If the metal components of the cartridge are galvanized steel, use a cleaner that will not oxidize zinc.

    For extra cleaning, gently agitate the water by running an air hose into the container holding the filter.

  4. Rinse the filter with a water hose (40 PSI maximum) both inside and outside.

  5. Blow excess water off using compressed air (50 PSI).

  6. Dry filters prior to returning them to service. It is not recommended to dry at temperatures above 160°F. The filter must be absolutely dry before re-use.

  7. Protect the element from dust during the drying process.

Click here to download Washing Spunbond Cartridges Procedure.